The Beginning of The Awkward Ganker

Hello Everyone, My name is Donn, also known as iPopeIxI in League of legends.   I’ve decided to start this Blog because it encompasses my two major loves in this world, League of legends and Writing.


I have a few goals for the future of this site. One, I’d like to help people keep up to date on all the latest League of Legends news. Two, I want to Post guides (both written and video) of my own making and discuss them with other people. Lastly, I want to enjoy myself and have fun, so you will never see rage postings about anything here.


Now with my goals set aside, I’ll post a little about myself (if you don’t want to  read this, feel free to close your eyes and scroll down a few inches. (:) I’ve Been a LoL player for over a year now, the first champ that was released when i started playing was  Shen. I’m a bit of a support whore. Most of my favorite and best played champions are Supports, such as Soraka, Karma, Sona, and Janna. I’m growing into the other roles pretty well, currently splitting my time between AP and AD Carries.  Favorite Champions: Karma, Sivir, Cassiopeia, and Miss Fortune.


I’m going to try with the best of my ability to post regularly, probably every few days once I get the writing fever I currently have out of me.

Feel free to add me on LoL if you like at iPopeixi. I have a weird schedule so my most played time is usually between 2AM-9AM, so catch me online sometime =)


Until next time,



About iPope

I'm a LoL player, avid reader and writer. I'm a big guy, but i've been trying to trim down, running 2 miles a day when i have the time. want to know anything else? just ask. LoL IGN- iPopeixi
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